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RekryDiili is a full-service staff company known for genuine caring and the desire to create a better working life. We will help you find the right one, whether you are looking for a new job or an employee. We combine emotional intelligence with extensive expertise in different industries. With their help, we identify the competencies and needs that we lead to each other. The door to us is always open when you are facing changes in working life. We make sure that everything goes well.

Our journey so far
Heidi Saarijärvi quits franchise entrepreneurship and decides to start her own personnel solutions company, which bears the name RekryDiili.
RekryDiili's operations are growing and expanding at an accelerating pace. Day in and day out, we bring together employers looking for employees and active job seekers.
We serve our customers and employees with high quality all over Finland. Our office is located in Lapinniemenranta, right next to Tampere's core. New winds are blowing when RekryDiili starts its international recruitment.
The internationalization of our company continues successfully and we have brought employees from Ukraine to Finland. Our service offering expands to include training, among other things. Our training offer includes numerous short courses in different fields, where employees can deepen their own skills and learn new skills to support their job search.
We are deploying two specialized teams that will centrally manage the recruitment of the industrial and construction sectors as well as the service sectors. We continue our company's internal development work to ensure our own customer interface and the comfort of our employees. Our team continues its development to become even more international, and we are able to serve our customers in several different languages.
Our brand and recognition are developing. We want to be a pioneer in the field and introduced various artificial intelligence tools to our operations. We believe that all work is meaningful, and with that we offer a wide range of different levels of recruitment.
It is important to us that everyone involved feels safe and confident through the recruitment process. We care about our customer companies and employees responsibly and work with all our customers confidentially. As a responsible employer and personnel house, we take care of all matters related to the employee's employment relationship, such as salary payment, occupational health care, holiday compensation and possible sick leave compensation.
At RekryDiili, we invest in open communication and leadership. We strive to act clearly and fairly, not forgetting a fair and positive working atmosphere. Transparency is the key to successful recruitment and we want to ensure that every party is satisfied throughout the recruitment process through our openness. We communicate openly and comprehensively about all issues raised during the recruitment process, so that each applicant and client company receives the necessary information directly from us.
High-quality customer service
Our knowledgeable and service-minded staff is ready to help with any problem. We meet every customer company and employee with a warm and helpful attitude without compromising on professionalism. You can be confident that every working life question or problem that weighs on your mind will be solved by our professional staff.