We want to be a company, a partner and an employer for everyone who works with us. In the field of personnel solutions, special attention must be paid to the working conditions and rights of employees, and it is precisely these areas that we keep an eye on, regardless of the sector. Our company's value promises include both reliability and openness, and with these values we will grow together towards a more responsible working life.
Values as part of everyday life
How do our values appear in practice? We think it is important that our value propositions are also reflected in everyday life and recruitment processes. Job search is a unique phenomenon that almost everyone will come across in their lifetime. At RekryDil, we want to act through open communication and interaction to make the transition to work as smooth as possible. This means that we inform you honestly about the tasks you are applying for, the company and the recruitment itself honestly.
In addition, we aim to actively update the recruitment situation for applicants from start to finish. When recruiting, we want to ensure that the same issues based on the criteria of the job are clarified from each applicant. In this way, we get comparable interviews from each applicant.
We guarantee safe working conditions
RekryDiili takes instructions to each employee on how to act in the event of an accident at work. We also instruct our employees to familiarise themselves with the occupational safety practices of each workplace at the beginning of the employment relationship and to follow them. Occupational health care for our employees has been arranged in cooperation with Pihlajalinna. All our employees are insured at Fennia and we also offer our employees leisure accident insurance.
Every individual is valuable to us.
It is important to us that every job seeker is met with respect and equality. This means that no one should be discriminated against or placed in an unequal position on the basis of gender, gender identity, age, origin, language, religion, belief, opinion, state of health, disability or any other personal reason. Changes in working life are always a significant turnaround in the applicant's life, and we understand that each person reacts to them in their own way.
Above all, we want to identify our experts as individuals who consist of all the things, skills and knowledge they have experienced. The purpose of the recruitment process is to find an applicant with the right qualities who is fit for the job vacancy in the best possible way.
Processing of personal data
As part of our responsible business operations, we process the information of our employees, job seekers and customers confidentially. We follow a strict nondisclosure policy and do not disclose the information to third parties without the consent of the injured party.
The data is collected and used only for the purposes allowed. We store the data of our jobseekers and employees in our system for two years until it is finally deleted. Employees and jobseekers can also request that personal data be deleted from our system if they so wish.
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