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Suitability assessments to support recruitment decisions

The psychological aptitude assessment provides more information and reliability in recruitment decisions and helps to choose between equal job applicants. It also helps in the onboarding of new employees and staff development, as it shows the strengths and areas for improvement of employees.
Aptitude assessments provide applicants with comparable and unbiased data relevant to their success in the position, which interviews alone cannot produce. In particularly managerial or demanding expert jobs, it is of paramount importance to use the aptitude test to ascertain what the job seeker is like and how well he or she is suitable for the job and job in question before making a recruitment decision.
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The suitability assessment provides information on, for example, the following issues:
  • Personality
  • Motivational factors and commitment to work
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Collaboration skills
  • Stress and pressure tolerance
  • Working methods
  • Management style
  • Abilities and strengths (e.g. linguistic, numerical and three-dimensional talent)
Suitability assessment tailored to needs
The suitability assessment can be purchased by both companies and job seekers. For companies, the suitability assessment provides support for e.g. recruitment. For job seekers, the suitability assessment helps to plan their own career development and identify their own strengths.
The suitability assessment can be included in wider offers or purchased separately. The suitability assessment always includes an interview with a psychologist and testing by a psychologist using several different methods. It may also include group assignments and the evaluation of work samples.
In the suitability assessment of RekryDile:
The scope and focus of the assessment are always planned together with the customer, tailored to their needs. The interview and testing can be done remotely or at RekryDiili's Tampere office. The assessee and the client company are always given written and oral feedback after the aptitude test.
Benefits of suitability assessment
Suitability assessments in job application processes create an objective, scientific and valid basis for recruitment. In the suitability assessment, we only use tests that are reliable and that can only be used by psychologists. The suitability assessment carried out by the psychologist ensures that the assessment is carried out with professionalism and deep evaluation experience. The purpose of the evaluation is to support the selection decision, clarify the suitability of the job seeker for the role and the company's culture, and help to engage the best job seekers.
Job seekers may not be able to describe their own strengths and working style objectively. The suitability assessment provides more in-depth information that simply interviewing or calling referees does not bring.
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  • Provides additional information to support recruitment decisions and minimizes the risk of an incorrect recruitment decision.
  • Helps in treating job seekers equally, as the recruitment decision is made on the basis of more in-depth information collected from several different sources.
  • It makes it easier to onboard and engage a new employee in the work when the strengths and areas for development are already clear.
  • Facilitates the development of personnel and the discovery of these resources.
  • Provides support for employee career planning.
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Heidi Saarijärvi
Heidi Saarijärvi
Managing director, Entrepreneur
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