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RekryDiili is a full-service staffing agency located in Finland. We aim to bring our business clients and employees together through a successful recruitment process.
Our recruitment services cover a wide range of jobs across different sectors throughout Finland. We strive to find the dream job for our applicants and the dream employee for our clients.
We take care of all employment-related matters such as salary payments, occupational health care, holiday compensation, and potential sick leave compensation. In this way, we operate fairly and transparently, ensuring the satisfaction of all parties involved.
RekryDiili's staffing services for businesses
RekryDiili offers cost-effective and risk-free temporary staffing solutions for companies, allowing you to focus on your core business without the obligations related to maintaining employment relationships. With a wide applicant pool and diverse recruitment channels, we can find both long-term and seasonal workers for precisely defined job roles. Our recruitment process includes thorough interviews and suitability assessments, significantly reducing the risk of hiring mistakes.
We operate transparently and fairly, ensuring that all parties are satisfied throughout the entire recruitment process. We flexibly provide employees for both short and long-term contracts and also assist with urgent assignments, ensuring you receive the skilled workforce you need as effortlessly as possible. Additionally, we offer services outside of our regular business hours.
Services for businesses
RekryDiili as an employer
We are a leading recruitment service in Pirkanmaa, offering a fast and efficient way to find a job. Through us, job seekers have been able to start work even on the same day. Our multilingual service ensures a smooth and effortless recruitment process for all parties involved.
We have extensive networks and good relationships with local companies, which enhances your employment opportunities. We are committed to providing the best possible service to both job seekers and employers. Our goal is to find the perfect match for both parties.
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