Headhunting: an effective recruitment method

Headhunting: an effective recruitment method

Hiring a new employee can be a challenging and time-consuming process, but RekryDiili offers a solution. Our comprehensive recruitment services free you to focus on your core business while we handle finding the right professional for you. Regardless of the industry or company, we find the right person to meet your needs. We stand out from other recruitment companies with our genuine desire to help and care for our clients and employees.
Our goal is to match our client companies with the right skills and create long-term, committed partnerships. Our recruitment process is designed to be fast and efficient, made possible by our professional team. We have years of experience and expertise to ensure we find you the best possible employees.

How can my company benefit from direct search?

The advantage of direct searches is that candidates suitable for the open positions are selected from the start based on their skills. This is also an effective way to reduce the risk of hiring mistakes. Direct search can reach professionals who are not actively looking for new job opportunities. With the digitization of the world, finding a specialist no longer takes weeks or months; the right professional can be found in just a few days.

The best aspects of direct search:

  • Save time in the recruitment process.
  • Find a professional whose skills, experience, and qualities match the job description.
  • Reduce the risk of costly hiring mistakes.
  • Find the professional you are looking for among passive candidates.
  • Get support from a RekryDiili professional during the recruitment process.

This is how direct search proceeds:

1. Start
Together with the client, we determine the required information, skills, and education level for the sought person. Additionally, we define the job description and related key competencies. What qualifications are required of the applicant for the job? By answering this question, we find the most suitable candidates for the position.
2. Candidate mapping
In direct search assignments, we go through our talent pool and use comprehensive industry tools. We also use various social media platforms and online services to support direct search. This way, we reach a wide range of potential employees. We especially focus on a successful and positive candidate experience, so candidates have a meaningful impression of our contact. We operate with absolute confidentiality in this process as well, and we do not disclose the client's name to the candidates.
3. Selection of the most suitable candidates
We interview the potential candidates found through direct search and report the results in detail to our client company. The interviews are conducted according to the client's wishes and requirements. All direct searches can include psychological suitability assessments and tests to select the most suitable candidates. Based on the results, the client company can plan the new employee's orientation and possible training more clearly. If necessary, we are involved in making the final recruitment decision and give our suggestion and opinion on the most suitable candidate for the position.
At the end of the process, you will have a new, knowledgeable, and professional team member!

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between direct search and traditional recruitment? Direct search differs from traditional recruitment in that no public job advertisement is published; instead, potential candidates are sought and contacted directly. This method allows for confidentiality and a targeted approach, whereas traditional recruitment often relies on a broader and open application process.
Who is direct search best suited for? Direct search is particularly suited for situations where specific skills or experience are sought, which may be difficult to find through traditional methods. This method is especially useful in recruiting top management, specialist-level positions, and hard-to-find professionals.
How long does the direct search process take? Although the direct search process can vary case by case, thanks to digitization and modern tools, a suitable candidate can be found in just a few days. However, the entire recruitment process can take from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the job requirements and candidate availability.
How is a direct search assignment started? A direct search assignment usually begins with a thorough discussion of the company's recruitment needs and goals. After this, the direct search expert conducts a target group analysis and begins identifying potential candidates. Once suitable candidates are identified, they are contacted, and their interest and suitability for the position are evaluated.
Is direct search expensive? The cost of direct search services can vary significantly depending on the scope of the assignment, the job's requirements, and market conditions. Generally, direct search services are more expensive than traditional recruitment methods, but they can yield significant long-term savings by reducing the risk of hiring mistakes and speeding up the recruitment process.
Can direct search be used confidentially? Yes, direct search allows for confidential recruitment, which is especially important if the company does not want to publicize open positions or wants to operate with a low profile during the recruitment process. This can be useful, for example, when seeking a replacement for a current employee who is not yet aware of the upcoming changes.
Our values
Our recruitment process ensures safety and trust for all parties involved. We operate responsibly and confidentially with our client companies and employees. We take care of employment-related matters, such as payroll and occupational health, making us a reliable partner.
We focus on open communication and fair leadership to create a positive working environment. Transparency in the recruitment process is important to us, and we want all parties to be satisfied. We communicate honestly about all questions that arise during the process.
Quality customer service
Our knowledgeable and service-oriented staff is ready to help with any issues. We approach client companies and employees warmly and professionally. You can trust that all employment-related questions will be resolved with our assistance.