About RekryDiili

About RekryDiili

RekryDiili is a full-service staffing agency known for genuine care and a desire to create a better working life. We help you find the right one, whether you're looking for a new job or an employee. We combine emotional intelligence with extensive expertise in various industries. With these, we identify the skills and needs and guide them to each other. Our door is always open when you face changes in working life. We ensure that everything goes well.

Our Journey So Far
Heidi Saarijärvi ends her franchising entrepreneurship and decides to establish her own personnel solutions company, named RekryDiili.
We decide to expand our operations to different locations. We are growing strongly, after winning several procurement tenders and we were able to create long-term customers and employment contracts for our employees.
RekryDiili's operations grow and expand at an accelerating pace. We bring together employers looking for staff and active job seekers day after day.
We serve our customers and employees with high quality across Finland. Our office is located at Lapinniemenranta, right near the center of Tampere. New winds blow as RekryDiili begins its international recruitment.
Our company's internationalization continues successfully, and we have brought workers from Ukraine to Finland. Our service offerings expand to include training. Our training offerings feature numerous short courses in various fields, allowing employees to deepen their skills and learn new ones to support their job search.
We introduce two specialized teams that centrally handle recruitment for the industrial and construction sectors as well as the service sectors. We continue our internal development work to ensure our customer interface and employee satisfaction. Our team continues to become more international, and we can serve our customers in multiple languages.
Our brand and recognition develop further. We aim to be a leader in the field and have implemented various AI tools into our operations. We believe that all work is meaningful, and as such, we offer a wide range of recruitment services at different levels.
Our Vision for the Future
As a nationwide operator, we know and see how employment and work cultures are developing across Finland and in various industries.

Our company has strong international expertise and language skills. With this, we want to continue successful recruitments regardless of the applicant's nationality.

“We care about employees and care for our employees” is not just a slogan but a guiding principle and action plan driving our company forward. With this, we consider all work meaningful and communicate openly, fairly, and caringly with our applicants and corporate clients.

We employ workers of all ages; however, the population of Finland will age in the future. With this, we also want to promote the employment of the older workforce, as we believe in the power of their experience. In this way, we bring together the potential of the young and the expertise of the experienced to advance the working life of our society.

We want to find the hidden potential in our applicants, enabling us to match jobs and employees effectively!
Our values
Our recruitment process ensures safety and trust for all parties involved. We operate responsibly and confidentially with our client companies and employees. We take care of employment-related matters, such as payroll and occupational health, making us a reliable partner.
We focus on open communication and fair leadership to create a positive working environment. Transparency in the recruitment process is important to us, and we want all parties to be satisfied. We communicate honestly about all questions that arise during the process.
Quality customer service
Our knowledgeable and service-oriented staff is ready to help with any issues. We approach client companies and employees warmly and professionally. You can trust that all employment-related questions will be resolved with our assistance.