Enhance recruitment: find the best talents for your company

Enhance recruitment: find the best talents for your company

Hiring a new employee can be a challenging and time-consuming process, but RekryDiili offers a solution. Our comprehensive recruitment services allow you to focus on your core business while we take care of finding the right talent for you. Regardless of the industry or company, we find the perfect person to meet your needs. We stand out from other recruitment companies with our genuine desire to help and our care for our clients and employees.
Our goal is to connect our client companies with the right skills and create long-lasting, committed partnerships. Our recruitment process is designed to be fast and efficient, and our professional team makes this possible. We have years of experience and expertise to ensure we find you the best possible employees.

Aptitude assessment tests for comprehensive recruitment

At RekryDiili, we use aptitude assessment tests to support interviews. The main purpose of the tests is to determine what kind of job applicant we have and how well they fit the job and workplace. This way, we identify the strengths and development areas of the employees. With comprehensive aptitude assessment tests, we obtain information about applicants' work behavior patterns, motivation factors, as well as abilities and skills. If necessary, we can tailor an individual aptitude assessment test to ensure the recruitment is a perfect success every time.

Why outsource recruitment to RekryDiili?

  • The recruitment process is carried out professionally from start to finish.
  • You have more time to focus on your core competencies.
  • The applicant is guaranteed to be the right fit for the job.
  • We utilize our extensive networks and channels in candidate scouting.
  • A new employee quickly finds their place in your team.
  • An almost risk-free option for recruitment.

This is how the recruitment process proceeds:

1. Assignment
Together with the client, we conduct a situation analysis where we precisely define what kind of employee they need, the required knowledge, skills, and education level. We also define the job description and the key competencies related to it. What kind of qualifications are required from the applicant for the job? By answering this question, we find the most suitable candidates for the job.
2. Job posting creation
Our job postings are visible on all the largest and most well-known job search engines as well as on our own website. Additionally, we invest in the marketing and attractiveness of our job postings on social media. Creating a job advertisement does not incur costs for our clients.
3. Interviewing applicants
Our interviews aim to ensure that the applicant knows what kind of job they could potentially get and how well they fit the job. We also check possible professional certificates and residence permits.
4. Presenting applicants
After the interviews, we present the most potential candidates to our client. Usually, our clients also want to interview our candidates themselves. After the recruitment process, our candidates and clients make an employment contract, and we invoice the agreed recruitment fee.
Customer satisfaction is important to us, which is why we keep in regular contact with our clients.

Frequently asked questions

How long does the recruitment process take? The duration of the recruitment process varies depending on your needs and industry, but our goal is to find the right person as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Can you assist with recruitment in all industries? Yes, RekryDiili offers recruitment services for all industries and companies. We have experience in a wide range of sectors.
How do you ensure the compatibility of the job seeker and the job? We use aptitude assessment tests and thorough interviews to ensure that the applicant's skills, experiences, and personality perfectly match your job.
What special services do you offer to support the recruitment process? RekryDiili offers several special services to support the recruitment process, such as creating and publishing job postings, pre-selections, aptitude assessment tests, background checks, and thorough interviews. We also offer consulting to develop recruitment strategies and help with the onboarding process to ensure the new employee integrates smoothly into your organization.
Our values
Our recruitment process ensures safety and trust for all parties involved. We operate responsibly and confidentially with our client companies and employees. We take care of employment-related matters, such as payroll and occupational health, making us a reliable partner.
We focus on open communication and fair leadership to create a positive working environment. Transparency in the recruitment process is important to us, and we want all parties to be satisfied. We communicate honestly about all questions that arise during the process.
Quality customer service
Our knowledgeable and service-oriented staff is ready to help with any issues. We approach client companies and employees warmly and professionally. You can trust that all employment-related questions will be resolved with our assistance.