What's a direct search?

Headhunting is a means of recruiting to find candidates for vacant positions without a public notice search. Direct search is usually used when you want to act confidentially or with a particularly low profile. Direct search has traditionally focused on recruitments from the company's top management, but nowadays the direct search service is used at all levels of the organisation. In most cases, however, direct search assignments are directed at expert-level tasks and hard-to-find professionals.
How can my company benefit from direct search?
The advantage of direct searches is that candidates are selected in the application process from the outset and who, based on their skills, are suitable factors for open positions. This is also a viable way to reduce the risk of error recruitment. Direct search can be used to reach talents who are not actively looking for new opportunities in their working lives. With the digitalisation of the world, it will not take weeks or months to find an expert, but a suitable factor may be found even in a few days.
The best of direct search:
  • You save time in the recruitment process.
  • With your skills, experience and qualities, you will find a suitable factor for your job description.
  • The risk of costly error recruitment is reduced.
  • You may find a professional you are looking for among passive applicants.
  • You will receive support for the recruitment process from a rekryDiili professional.
Here's how the direct search proceeds:
  • Beginning
  • Together with the customer, we will find out the knowledge, skills and level of education required of the person to be applied for. In addition, we define the terms of reference and related key competences.
    What qualifications are required of the applicant for the job?
    By answering this question, we will find the candidates best suited for this task.
  • Candidate mapping
  • In direct search assignments, we go through our own expert bank and make extensive use of tools in the field. To support direct search, we also use different social media platforms and online services. In this way, we can reach potential employees to a large extent. In particular, we invest in a successful and positive applicant experience so that applicants are left with a meaningful picture of our contact. In this process, too, we act in absolute confidence and do not disclose the name of the customer company to the candidates.
  • Selection of the most suitable candidates
  • We interview potential candidates we find through direct search and report the results in detail to our customer company. The interviews are conducted according to our customer's wishes and requirements. It is possible to combine psychological aptitude assessment and testing with all direct searches to select the most suitable applicants. Based on the results, it is clearer for the customer company to plan the induction and possible training of the new employee. If necessary, we are involved in making the final selection of recruitment and give our own proposal and insight into the candidate who is best suited for the position.
At the end of the process, you will have a new, knowledgeable and professional factor as part of your team!
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