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When hiring a new employee, the amount of work that sinks into it may become insurmountable. In order for you to focus on the most important thing, i.e. your own core business, you can easily outsource recruitment to us. RekryDile is looking for a skilled employee to meet your needs regardless of the field or company. We stand out from other recruitment companies because we have a real desire to help, and we genuinely care about our customers and employees alike. Our goal is to combine our client company with the right kind of expertise and create long-term and committed partnerships in the workplace. Best of all, with the help of our recruitment process and our professional team, all this can be done in a jiffy!
Suitability assessment tests support comprehensive recruitment
At RekryDiili, we use suitability assessment tests to support interviews. The basic purpose of the tests is to find out what a job seeker is like and how well he or she is suitable for the job and workplace in question. In this way, we identify the strengths and development targets of our employees. Comprehensive aptitude assessment tests provide us with information on job applicants' work behaviour models, motivational factors, abilities and skills, among other things. If necessary, we can tailor an individual aptitude assessment test so that recruitment is a button performance each time.
Why outsource recruitment to RekryDiili?
  • The recruitment process is done with high quality from start to finish.
    By outsourcing job search to a company specialising in the field of job search, you will receive a high-quality recruitment process in return. Every recruitment is done thoroughly, responsibly and transparently.
  • You will have more time to utilise your core competencies.
    The energy and time that is part of the recruitment process is more efficient to direct to strengthening your company's success rather than spending your days sitting in job interviews.
  • I'm sure the applicant is right for the job in question.
    We investigate and review the qualifications of applicants based on training, experience and individual characteristics. By weighing these aspects, we will find the right expert for your company.
  • We utilise our comprehensive networks and channels to map applicants.
    Using RekryDiili's extensive networks and in-depth channels, we can effectively find potential applicants for the vacant position.
  • A new guy can quickly find your team.
    RekryDiili offers help with recruitment, even if the need for a new employee is urgent. We handle interviews and suitability assessments without delay, and your new expert can start their employment in less than a time unit.
  • An almost risk-free alternative to recruitment.
    How about a recruitment process without risks? You don't have to worry about matters related to maintaining your employment, because we'll take care of them for you. This includes, among other things, the payment of wages, occupational health care, holiday compensation and possible sick leave allowances.
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